HOW TO HANDLE the asynchron mechanism.


What makes a chair with asynchron mechanism?

A: Automatic adjustment of the seat height: The seat height can be adjusted by gas cartridge.

B: Tilt adjustment of the seat and backrest: Chairs with asincron mechanism allow adjusting the inclination of the backrest and the seat but regardless each other. Releasing the mechanisms from a sitting position and move the body, the seat and backrest follow the movement thereof. In setting the mechanism seat and backrest are fixed in position they have achieved. Although this mechanism allows more freedom to control that the synch mechanism should be aiming to always keep the seat/backrest angle adequate support for the work to be performed, taking care not to force angles very closed or wide open.

C: Height adjustment of the backrest: The backs of chairs asincron allows lumbar support adjustment in height independently of the seat. How to regulate it may vary with the model being the most usual way using a knob that allows the height release the backrest.

D: Regulation of the separation between seat and backrest: On chairs equipped with this mechanism does not usually find this regulation.

E: Permanent contact mode: These mechanisms are NOT designed to be used as a permanent contact.
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