Conditions of Use

These general terms will be applicable to all commercial transactions carried out by means of the on-line shop included in the website, property of OK OFICINAS S.L., between this company and any person (hereinafter called ´the client´), excluding companies and traders, wishing to acquire any of the products offered in said online shop.

The corporate information and the personal data protection policy regarding OK OFICINAS S.L. can be found in the legal warning located at the bottom of the referred website.

Entering the on-line shop and introducing the details required to buy any product shall mean the client declares to be a person with the legal capacity necessary to enter into the on-line purchase and sale agreement. The client also declares at that moment to have read, understood and accepted the present general terms of sale and to enter freely into this agreement.


1. FIRST.-Object.

The OK OFICINAS S.L. general terms of on-line sale shall apply to all and every purchase made in the on-line shop. All units, availability, characteristics, reference, description and prices of the products offered in the website shall be exposed clearly to the clients.

2. SECOND.- Agreement and parties obligations.

In the purchase and sale agreements of any product offered by OK OFICINAS S.L. in its on-line shop, the consent to such purchase shall be considered given, and duly accepted by OK OFICINAS S.L., when both parties confirm the order according to the proceeding exposed in clause THIRD below. OK OFICINAS S.L. shall not be obliged to deliver the goods until the bank payment confirmation of the payment has been received. All payments shall be made by the client according to the payment proceeding and methods described herein. Both parties accept said payment methods excluding any other one.

3. THIRD.- Order and payment proceeding.

The order shall be considered placed by the client upon the election of the model or models offered and available in the on-line shop and their inclusion in the selected products relation. The system shall guide the client through the different steps. The placement of the order shall mean the client accepts the price and characteristics of the products, as well as these general terms of sale. Once the client has selected the products he wishes to buy, such products shall be included in a list where the selected units, the price and the transport expenses will be shown in a way that the client always knows the total price he will be charged. The next step of the purchase will consist of the access -by pressing the window ´purchase´ to the introduction of the details required for the valid confirmation of the operation. In this area the client will be asked to give just the information for the valid confirmation of the sale. The client must provide real information. Said information shall be included in a computerized file of on-line clients and shall be under the protection of the personal data protection policy applied by OK OFICINAS S.L. for these purposes. This data protection policy can be consulted anytime in the web site ´´ All payments shall be carried out either by credit card or by the system called ´pay-pal´. Once the payment takes place, both the confirmation of the bank and of OK OFICINAS S.L. will appear on the screen. At that moment OK OFICINAS S.L. shall be legally obliged to deliver the goods as established in next clause. The formalization of the order confirmation will be shown in the screen and documented by means of an e-mail sent to the client with all the terms of said order confirmation. Every order will have a number, which has to be used by the client for all claims or queries. The client should print and keep said order confirmation document, given that it is the legal evidence of the operation.

4. FOURTH.- Delivery.

The products will be delivered to the address given by the client as exposed above. The deliveries shall be carried out by SEUR or any other legal courier to all destinies of the world. The delivery time to the client´s address shall depend on the distance between the expedition centre of OK OFICINAS S.L. and the delivery address. The estimated delivery deadline for Spain shall be from 2 to 7 working days. In case two delivery attempts fail for reasons attributable to the client the order shall be considered cancelled. For any enquiry about the situation and delivery of the order the client can find all information concerning OK OFICINAS S.L. in the legal warning located in the website by identifying his order with the number given for that purposes.

Orders that are shipped to countries outside of Spain may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient

5. FIFTH.- Cancellation right.

The client has FIFTEEN (15) DAYS, starting from the following day the client receives the goods, to cancel the purchase and sale agreement freely. Said cancellation shall be totally free of charge and shall not need any legal cause to be valid. The cancellation proceeding will start with the client´s cancellation intention duly notified to OK OFICINAS S.L. through the e-mail in order to have evidence of the reception of the claim within the deadline set above. Once OK OFICINAS S.L. receives said notification, the client will be contacted in the e-mail address and in the other particulars provided. OK OFICINAS S.L. will send the client written confirmation of the valid cancellation, providing a return authorization number. The client will have, as from that moment, a deadline of FIFTEEN (15) calendar days to send the goods at the client´s expenses to OK OFICINAS S.L. In case OK OFICINAS S.L. does not receive the goods within said deadline, the company shall understand that the client has changed his intention with respect to the cancellation and in such case the contract shall be deemed valid and in force as from the first moment. Should the client wish to cancel only one or several products but not the whole order, it has to be indicated so in the notification of the cancellation.

OK OFICINAS S.L. will not accept any return of products which present any sign of use and which is not duly packed with the original box and cover. Any return of products with sign of use and not duly packed with the original box and package will not be accepted by OK OFICINAS S.L. Once the goods have been received and accepted by OK OFICINAS S.L. and to the extent all above requirements have been duly fulfilled by the client, OK OFICINAS S.L. shall immediately refund the client for the full amount paid. Refunds will be made through the same proceeding used by the client.

6. SIXTH.- Return or change.

The client has 15 calendar days, starting from the delivery date, to make the return. The client will previously have to communicate OK OFICINAS S.L. the intention of returning the goods through the Returns section, specifying the concrete reasons for the return or change. The client will obtain a ´Return Number´. The client will have, as from that moment, a deadline of SEVEN (7) calendar days to send the goods at the client´s expenses to OK OFICINAS S.L. The products will have to be returned correctly protected, in their original box and in perfect conditions. The expenses and risks of the return will be always borne by the client, except when the return is due to a mistake of OK OFICINAS S.L. or because the order does not meet the corresponding quality requirements. In case the return is not accepted by the supplier because OK OFICINAS S.L. considers that the product has been used, the order will be at the client´s disposal within the premises of OK OFICINAS S.L.

7. SEVENTH.- Duration.

These general conditions of sale shall be in force while the online shop of OK OFICINAS S.L. is open.

8. EIGHTH.- Extension of Liability.

OK OFICINAS S.L. shall not be responsible for any damage direct or indirect caused by a bad use or fraudulent use of its website and its online shop. Besides, OK OFICINAS S.L. shall not be liable in any case for the damages caused by an interruption of the service, by an external intrusion or by the influence of computer viruses.

9. NINETH.- Commercial warranties.

The products exposed in the e-shop are a selection of the OK OFICINAS S.L. products and they comply with the same quality and warranty requirements for production defaults.

10. TENTH.- Industrial and Intellectual Property

All elements of the website and of the on-line shop are exclusive property of OK OFICINAS S.L. and they are protected by the intellectual regulations.

11. ELEVENTH.- Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

The general terms of on-line sale and the purchase and sale agreements concluded under such general terms shall be governed by the Spanish Law. In the event of disputes between both parties regarding the fulfilment, non-fulfilment or interpretation of these general terms of on-line sale and of any of the agreements or transactions concluded under such terms, the competent Courts of Justice shall be those established in the applicable rules of proceeding as regards to the competent jurisdiction.


According to the provisions of the personal data protection regulations currently in force, the personal details required in our forms shall be included in a personal data file, which will be property of OK OFICINAS S.L., who will then be responsible for them. The delivery of our forms with the required personal data shall mean an authorisation given to OK OFICINAS S.L. in order to treat or include in its computerized file the personal data provided in the referred forms.

The provided personal data shall be treated with maximum confidentiality and they shall never be used for different purposes than such they have been required for, and they shall be immediately eliminated when they are no more necessary to such purposes, except otherwise required by an official law.

By sending personal data to OK OFICINAS S.L. the users expressly authorise the company to use them for periodic communications, with the aim of informing about activities or news, etc., as well as to receive offers of products and services related to the activity of OK OFICINAS S.L.

The user has right to access, rectify, cancel and to oppose with regards to the information included in the personal data file property of OK OFICINAS S.L. Such rights can be executed through the website, the e-mail address or by ordinary mail signed and sent to the responsible of the file (OK OFICINAS S.L.), with registered domicile in Ctra. N-325 Novelda-Crevillente Km 24 Pol. Ind. De La Cerámica 03330 Crevillent (Alicante) Spain.

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